ArtSpeaks 2018

Four-part lecture and luncheon series with pre-eminent art scholars and authors. Catered lunch is followed by an author presentation and book signing.

Cézanne Portraits
January 18 and 19 / Noon
Mary Morton, Curator and Head, Department of French Painting, National Gallery of Art

Morton speaks about the exhibition she helped organize, the first devoted to the great post-impressionist's portraits. Morton addresses the development of Cézanne’s style, thematic characteristics of the works, and the range and influence of Cézanne’s sitters. The exhibition will be on view in Washington, D.C. from March 25 through July 1, 2018.

Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern
February 8 and 9 / Noon
Wanda M. Corn, Robert and Ruth Halperin Professor Emerita in Art History at Stanford University
Corn offers a fresh perspective on Georgia O’Keeffe, revealing how the artist’s sartorial style became an intimate part of her artistic identity.  She dressed like she painted, valuing abstraction, simplicity, and seriality. Based on the clothing in her closets and her many photographic portraits, this talk explores O’Keeffe’s modern use of dress to join body and art in a common aesthetic.

Basquiat: Boom for Real
February 22 and 23 / Noon
Dieter Buchhart, critic, art historian, and curator based in Vienna

Buchhart, a leading scholar on the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, addresses the artist’s work in the context of the 1980s. Buchhart explores Basquiat’s interest in performance, television, film, and jazz, and the ways these media are reflected in the artist’s paintings and graphic works.

Free as Gods: How the Jazz Age Reinvented Modernism
March 15 and 16 / Noon
Charles Riley II, Director of the Nassau County Museum of Art

Riley revisits Paris between 1918 and 1929, a period which “represents a remarkable convergence of genius,” including figures like Joyce, Fitzgerald, Picasso, and Diaghilev. Riley’s compelling view introduces lesser-known artists and the astounding collaborative environment which helped them push creative boundaries in ways that still resonate.


Members-Only /$200 tax-deductible series registration fee / + $45 for each luncheon / For more information, contact Patricia Williamson, Manager, Director’s Office, at (561) 832-5196 x1107.