School Tours

Viewing and discussing original works of art enriches learning and enhances critical thinking skills. The Museum offers free tours for grades pre-k through high school from September through May.  Themed tours include accompanying teacher resource guides that can be reviewed in the classroom before or after Museum visits. The guides are designed to meet Florida Standards and engage students’ multiple intelligences.

To schedule a tour, call (561) 832-5196, x1146 at least three weeks in advance. Please see guidelines and policies.

Themed Tours of the Museum Collection

About Face! Portraits 
Portraits can reveal more than meets the eye.  Students examine how artists have portrayed individuals in sculpture and painting, and learn how a portrait can reveal social and historical meanings.  Portraits also can communicate what people thought and felt, as well as how they were perceived by their contemporaries.   Artworks from the United States, Europe, and China are featured on this tour. (4-9) va, la, ss, sc, ma
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Highlights From the Museum Collection 
The Museum Collection includes American, Chinese, Contemporary, and European art, and Photography. This tour offers an overview of the Museum’s major artworks, including paintings by Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, and other iconic artists, while providing an introduction to museums and their roles in the community.  
(k–12) va, la, ss, sc, ma
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Learning to Look
What does it take to truly see a work of art?  Students practice their critical thinking skills and learn to connect with works of art by looking closely, learning a vocabulary to describe and make meaning out of what they see, engaging in discussion, and discovering personal connections.  Learn to use the Museum as a place for learning and fun. 
(k-5) va, la, ss, sc, ma

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Storytelling in Art 
In every culture, visual artists tell stories through art to share knowledge and inspire other peoples’ imaginations.  This tour includes sculptures and paintings from the Renaissance to the contemporary world, and builds students’ awareness of how artists tell stories using color and line, pose and gesture, setting and symbolism.      
(3-12) la, va, ss, sc, ma
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Question Bridge: Black Males
In 2012, the Question Bridge: Black Males project originated to provide a platform for an authentic exchange about life in America for black men, revealing the rarely seen diversity of thought, character, and identity in the black male population too often described by the media in reductive ways. Question Bridge evolved from artist Chris Johnson’s 1996 video engagement of different generations of African-American men in San Diego to the expanded version exhibited as an art installation with the participation of Hank Willis Thomas. Further collaboration expanded the project which includes more than 1,600 questions and answers recorded on video from more than 160 men in nine American cities achieved with artists Kamal Sinclair and Bayete Ross Smith. As an art installation that changes with each venue, it provides a critical ground for community engagement, that is never more crucial than today, and is a major component in the Museum’s presentation

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