For Educators

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Led by Museum educators, our FREE Professional Development Days inspire all teachers to create connections between the Museum Collection, and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.  Professional Development Days include gallery exploration, interactive activities, discussion, and curriculum that can be implemented in the classroom. High school teachers, please note we are available to create Professional Development workshops for you on LTM Days.

Department / Curriculum Meetings
Bring your group to the Museum for a meeting and/or interactive workshop.

For further information about professional development for teachers, please contact Carole Gutterman, Associate Curator of Education at (561) 832-5196 x 1198 or by email using the online contact form.


School Tours

The Museum offers free tours for grades pre-k through 12 October – May. Many themed tours have accompanying lesson plans that can be completed in the classroom before Museum visits. Lesson plans are designed to meet Common Core and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and engage students' multiple intelligences. Seeing and discussing original works of art enrich learning.


Schedule a school tour
Please call (561) 832-5196 x1198 or email at least three weeks in advance to schedule a school tour. Most tours are docent-led, but middle school and high school teachers can lead their own tour of the Museum Collection if they notify the museum in advance.
All students are FREE. One adult chaperone is REQUIRED for every 10 students and is FREE. Additional adult chaperones will be charged the $12 adult admission.

Please notify us in advance if you want your students to write or draw in the galleries. Only pencils are permitted.
If your trip is NOT approved, please notify us ASAP so we can cancel your docents. Many of the  docents drive a long way to be here for your scheduled tour.

Please click here for driving directions to the Museum. Buses should enter from Olive Avenue NOT Dixie Highway. They can easily drop off the students at the front entrance and proceed to the bus parking area behind the Museum on Jefferson Avenue. It’s easy to navigate back to the front entrance to pick up the students.

themed tours of the museum collection
A wide range of themed tours created specifically for students are available including:

About Face, Portraits
What can you tell about a person from her portrait? Students examine how artists have portrayed individuals in sculpture and painting, and learn that a portrait can show how a person looks, what they feel inside, and what they meant to the people of their time. James Chapin’s popular Ruby Green Singing as well as works from Europe and China are featured on this tour. (k–12) ss, la, va, ma, sc
Click here to download PDF.

The American Experience: the 20th Century
Students view and discuss American sculptures and paintings by artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Edward Hopper related to major events that helped shape the United States in the last century. Themes including human rights, social issues, geography, and innovation engage students in thinking critically about social studies and works of art.
(4–12) la, ss, va, sc, ma
Click here to download PDF.

Animals in Art
Take your students on a safari through the Museum Collection to see how artists from around the world have depicted real and imaginary animals in sculptures and paintings. Themes of this popular tour and arts-integrated lessons include mythical beasts from Europe and Asia; the horse in ancient societies, and animals in their environments, including Dale Chihuly’s glass artwork, Persian Sea Life Ceiling. (K-12) ss, la, va, ma, sc
Click here to download PDF.

Art From Many Cultures
Many artworks from different times and world cultures address similar themes. On this tour, artworks by Chinese, African-American, European, and Contemporary artists provide a forum for comparing and understanding diverse groups, their differences, and their common experiences. Gallery discussions investigate artworks in the collection that reflect ethnicity, traditions, and customs from around the globe. (2–12) la, ss, va, ma, sc
Click here to download PDF.

Design Your Own Tours
Let us help you Design Your Own Tour to assist your students in improving visual literacy and critical thinking using original artworks as primary sources (k-12) la, ss, va, sc, ma

Highlights From the Museum Collection
The Norton Museum collection includes European, American, Chinese, and Contemporary art, and Photography. This tour offers an overview of the Museum’s major artworks, including paintings by Paul Gauguin and Jackson Pollock, while providing an introduction to museums and their roles in the community. (k–12) la, ss, va, ma, sc
Click here to download PDF.

Storytelling in Art
In every culture, visual artists have participated in storytelling as a way of sharing knowledge and inspiring imaginations. This tour includes works from the Renaissance to the contemporary world, and builds students’ awareness of how artists tell stories using color and line, pose and gesture, setting and symbolism. (3–12) la, va, ss, sc, ma
Click here to download PDF.

Topics in Math and Science
This tour combines lessons including science standards that examine environmental issues as well as those that observe physical and chemical change and the science of light. Curricula for mathematics cover a range of standards that deal with area, geometry, and volume. (k-12) va, ss, sc, ma, la
Click here to download PDF.

2013-2014 Exhibition Educational Tours
•    Block by Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture (k-12)
June 20, 2013-Oct. 20, 2013
An exhibition of landmark skyscrapers from around the world constructed in LEGOS as well as original paintings and photographs of architecture from the Museum Collection.

•    Art in 3-D: Sculpture (3-12)
Dec. 3, 2013-March 2, 2014
View a special exhibition by sculptress, Phyllida Barlow, and discuss 3-D works from the Museum Collection.

•    Andy Warhol and American Art (6-12)
Feb. 2, 2014-July 6, 2014
Original works from the collection of Jane Holzer, personal friend of Andy Warhol.

•    Modernism and the Transformation of New York’s Rivers, 1900-1940 (4-12)
March 20, 2014 – June 22, 2014
Travel down some of New York’s most well-known rivers on a journey through time.

 For further information about booking a tour, please contact Carole Gutterman, Associate Curator of Education at (561) 832-5196 x 1198 or by email using the online contact form.

Museum Guidelines
Please make your students and chaperones aware of the following Museum rules:

  • Do not touch walls or artwork.
  • Use inside voices at all times.
  • Do not run.
  • Follow and participate in your tour with your docent.
  • Follow the rules concerning taking photographs: Photography is not permitted in special exhibitions. Photography with a cell phone or digital camera, without flash, is permitted of the Museum’s  Collection.
  • Do not bring food, drinks, or backpacks into the galleries.
  • We have limited facilities for picnicking. Please call Carole Gutterman, ext. 1198 to ask about available space for your students.
  • Our docents are educators. Teachers and chaperones are expected to manage student behavior in every area of the Museum.
  • One chaperone for every 10 students is required in order to tour.