Progressive Afterschool Art Community Education

Throughout the year, the Museum provides innovative after-school art programs to children living in underserved communities in Palm Beach County.

PACE provides a significant afterschool arts experience that affords a safe, consistent, and structured environment for children whose lives are often deprived of structure. PACE instructors are dynamic, caring role models who help their students develop self-esteem through positive achievement. Art projects and Museum tours expand the students’ world views by exposing them to multicultural and arts-integrated history, music, and literature as well as to the visual arts. It is the Museum’s joy and responsibility as an arts institution to provide this service to the community.

The program:

  • Fosters creativity and stimulates critical thinking skills for youth in a safe, supportive afterschool environment.
  • Provides a fine arts-based curriculum with art historical enrichment using high quality materials.
  • Offers participants three visits to the Museum each year for tours related to their art projects.
  • Provides PACE children with the opportunity to participate in an annual art exhibition at their respective partnership sites.
  • Employs teachers and artists from within PACE communities, thereby providing community role models for children in the program. 

PACE succeeds in reaching children through partnerships with organizations that host the program, including: the Police Athletic League and the West Palm Beach Housing Authority; Gaines Park, West Palm Beach Parks and Recreation program; the Highridge Family Center; the Salvation Army Northwest Community Center; the PACE Center for Girls; and the Florence de George Boys and Girls Club of Northwood.

This program is generously underwritten in part by Marmot Foundation, The Rosenberg Ebin Family Foundation, Northern Trust, and The Christina Orr-Cahall Endowment for Community Outreach.