The Artist’s Journey

Student artwork from Forest Hill Community High School
On view May 4 – May 28, 2017

The Norton Museum of Art is completing its fifth year of the “Museum as Classroom” partnership with Forest Hill Community High School. The partnership provides students with an opportunity to investigate original works of art in depth, thereby fostering creative expression, personal growth, and self-awareness.  

A journey implies progress. An artist’s journey often begins with inspiration and a decision to create something. It involves a process of intention and choice that eventually creates meaning through art. The process of creating art is not strictly about the result. The creative journey provides moments of discovery, learning, and challenge. We look to the artist for a final product, but also to enlighten, captivate, provoke, and provide us with insight into our lives. 

Art students began their journey by visiting the Museum, carefully looking at artworks from the collection and studying their composition, form, theme, and content. Each student selected one work that inspired them and identified the reasons for their choice.  Students made sketches of their selections and brainstormed ideas about creating their own work of art based on their choices. Participants contemplated some of the following questions: What about the artist inspires you?  What can you learn from the artist’s process that will inform your own?  Will you present the same subject and ideas or extend them and make them your own?  Can the work be a departure point for new ideas?  How will you engage the viewer to inspire questions or a desire to know more? 

The Norton Museum of Art is pleased to continue this partnership so more students can benefit from this opportunity to discover the many creative avenues that making and enjoying art can open for them now and in the future.

The Norton Museum of Art staff thanks Dr. Mary Stratos, Principal of Forest Hill Community High School, and art teachers Malissa Reese and Kimberly Pirisino.

This program is made possible through the generosity of the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation.