Autumn Mountains and the Light of the Harvest Moon

This installation opens at the time that the major Chinese holiday known as the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates a bountiful harvest. It features four paintings, ranging in date from 1722 to 2006, by Chinese artists, each of whom sought to personally expand upon the classical Chinese landscape tradition. Hills and mountains lyrically bathed in fall color are represented in a handscroll painted by Zhang Yuan (張遠,1648 -1722), an album leaf by Zhou Kai (周凱, 1779-1837), and a hanging scroll by Arnold Chang (張洪, Zhang Hong, born 1954). A dramatic, expressionistic monochrome ink painting by Liu Kuo-sung (劉國松, born 1932) is suggestive of moonlit mountain crevices.

Zhang Yuan Zhang (張 遠, active 18th century), Walking with a Staff in Autumn Groves, after Huang Gong-wang, 1722