International Spanish Academy Lesson Plans

In conjunction with the Norton’s new International Spanish Academy (NISA) partnership, Palm Beach County teachers have written these lesson plans for the third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Shape, Form, and Texture
Created by Analia Jimenez—Greenacres Elementary School

Students will learn to identify shape, form, and texture in art compositions. Through observation of artworks and practical application, students also will learn about techniques used to depict the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface. (Grade 3)
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Expanding Your Horizons
Created by Allyson Berrios de Gacharna—New Horizons Elementary School

Students will explore the concept of cultural heritage as a shared bond and sense of belonging within a community. Students will interview their families about their own heritage and create a map depicting their journeys to the United States. (Grade 4)
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Family Tree, Family Traditions
Created by Almendra de Leon—Berkshire Elementary School

Students will learn to represent and preserve cultural identity through art, research their family histories, and create family trees to serve as visual records of their ancestry. (Grade 5)
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