Premiere 2015
March 18, 2015

A glamorous cocktail party celebrating the premiere of Imaging Eden: Photographers Discover the Everglades.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 / 6 PM

Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach

Bruce Gendelman
Garrison duP. Lickle

AIG Private Client Group and Bruce Gendelman Insurance
Ann and Gilbert Maurer
William and Sally Ross Soter

Everglades Foundation
Barbara and Harry Howell

John Avery
Diana Barrett and Bob Vila
Jane Carroll and Leo Arnaboldi
Nancy and Martin Cohen
Jennifer and Joe Duke
Damaris and Frank Ford
Dorsey Gardner and Ni Rong
Barbara and Peter Georgescu
Jane and Leonard Korman
Joan and Charles Lazarus
Fran and Jack Levy
Arthur and Elizabeth Martinez
Anne Berkley Smith
Robert Spiegel and Jan Willinger

Joan and Richard Barovick
Ruth and Ted Baum
Wilma and Stuart Bernstein
Mickey and Larry Beyer
Gail and Al Engelberg
Sara and Charles Fabrikant
Phylis P. Fogelson
Annette Y. Friedland
J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation
Kathy and Mitchell Jacobson
Jim and Irene Karp
Barbara Kay
Thomas S. Kenan III
Michele and Howard Kessler
Dorothy and Sidney Kohl
Roberta and Paul Kozloff
Ellen and Irwin Levy
Garrison duP. Lickle
Bernice S. Lieberman
Elaine and William Miller
Heidi and John Niblack
Susan and Darrell Ross
Barbara and Richard Rothschild
Scott and Heidi Schuster
Bob and Judy Snyder
Ellen and Larry Sosnow
Craig and Debbie Stapleton
Edith and Kemp Stickney
Christine and Bob Stiller
Norma and Bill Tiefel

Organized by the Norton Museum of Art
This exhibition is made possible through the generosity of 
Muriel and Ralph Saltzman
William and Sarah Ross Soter.
With additional support provided by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts/Art Works, the William and Sarah Ross Soter Photography Fund, the Photography Committee of the Norton Museum of Art, and The Chastain Charitable Foundation.
With special thanks to The Everglades Foundation.
Imaging Eden: Photographers Discover the Everglades
The exhibition presents an overview of photography’s historic complicity as silent witness, pre-meditated booster, and passionate advocate of this unique environment, and also showcases the work of five international contemporary photo-based artists the Norton commissioned to explore this vital ecosystem . 

On view through June 24, 2015