Summer Camp Tours

June 20 – Aug. 2, 2013
Tuesday–Friday at 10 am - Noon and 1-3 pm


Featured Exhibition

Block by Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture

The exhibition features 10 landmark skyscrapers from around the world, each masterfully constructed with LEGO® toy building bricks by Dan Parker, LEGO® Certified Professional. Ranging from 4-9 feet in height and set on pedestals, the architectural sculptures include One World Trade Center in New York, the Seattle Space Needle, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and Taipei 101 in Taipei.


Each two-hour experience includes a 40-minute art project, a 40-minute Museum tour, and a 30-minute LEGO® building activity.  This program is designed for children ages 5 to 13. 

Campers will step up to the classroom “drafting table” to create a unique paper skyscraper.  Afterward, they’ll share in a gallery tour inspired by the special exhibition, Block by Block: Inventing Amazing Architecture. Then, “aspiring architects” get an opportunity to build their creation in a LEGO® brick activity area!

Summer Camp tours are currently sold out. If you would like to get on our waitlist, please call (561) 832-5196 x1196


To ensure LEGO® materials are available to all Museum visitors, children will not be permitted to take their LEGO® creations home.