Yoga in the Garden

Yoga in the Garden 

Enjoy Yoga brought to you from the Norton’s Pamela and Robert B. Goergen Garden! 

Join Micha, private yoga and meditation instructor, wellness advocate, and lifestyle healer for three unique sessions filmed from inside the Museum’s flourishing sub-tropical garden. All three classes are open level vinyasa flow, intended for all levels of practice and designed to move energy through the body with guided movements and sequencing. 

Upon purchase, participants will receive a Vimeo link providing access to three pre-recorded videos. 

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Yoga Session Descriptions: 

All three classes are open level vinyasa flow and accessible to anyone regardless of skill level. Vinyasa Flow is a series of postures connecting breath and movement. 

Class 1: Build and Flow Yoga: Learn a flow of movements and transitions to improve your at-home yoga practice. This class targets building heat and strength in the body while working up a sweat. 

Class 2: Warrior Flow Yoga: Recharge with this vinyasa flow intended to activate your heart chakra (energy points), develop flexibility while toning the body, and help you open yourself up to all the possibilities that lie within you. Tap into your full Warrior power! 

Class 3: Honey Flow Yoga: Give yourself permission to tune in and slow down. Sink into soothing poses and calming guided breathing as you move slowly and intentionally through a serene yoga practice. 

About Micha:  

Micha is a private yoga and meditation instructor, wellness advocate, and lifestyle healer based in Miami. She has been practicing yoga for over 7 years, teaching for 4 years, and is driven to break down barriers we may build up and enable self-care, wellness, and community. Her classes are a mix that embodies traditional linage with a modern twist. 

In addition to teaching, Micha helps raise awareness about mental health and wellness by partnering with local non-profit organizations such as Angel Watching Over Me, Miami Rescue Mission, and Underline Miami. She hosts free classes for marginalized communities in South Florida and is the founder of Sadhana House, a wellness brand that strives to meet and walk you into your wellness journey. 

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