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Virtual Concert: Lone Wolf OMB

This week's Art After Dark features a performance by eclectic Americana musician Lone Wolf OMB filmed in the Norton's American galleries!

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Lone Wolf is a multi-talented one-man band influenced by blues, punk, and the nostalgic sounds of Americana. Armed with a harmonica, guitar, and drums, Lone Wolf finds inspiration in the Norton’s Maxwell Russell Families gallery, home to American art of the 1950s and 1960s.

Ellen E. Roberts, Harold and Anne Berkley Smith Curator of American Art, tells us more about the works on view:

By the end of World War II in 1945, the center of the art world had shifted from Paris to New York. There, Abstract Expressionism became the dominant artistic style, and painters, sculptors, graphic artists, and photographers all experimented with abstraction as the 1950s progressed. In his Autumnal, from his Veils series, which is on display in this gallery, Morris Louis stained unprimed canvas to experiment with the interpenetration of colors. Louise Nevelson created distinctive shadowbox sculptures such as her 1958 Untitled seen here that transforms found objects into new totems that are evocative of elemental forms she admired in ancient Mayan and Guatemalan art and architecture. Adventurous works by Grace Hartigan, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, Jacob Lawrence, and other artists contribute to this unique setting for Lone Wolf OMB’s performance.

About Lone Wolf OMB:

A spectacle to behold, Bruno Esposito, known simply as "Lone Wolf", is a one-man force armed with a drum on each foot, a harmonica framed to his face, and a multitude of instruments taking turns in his hands. He channels the souls of buried blues ghosts, with guttural croons that tell tales of a time he's not seen, but ring loud and familiar. Unexpected, Swamp-bred, and completely unfiltered Americana.

Find Lone Wolf OMB online on Spotify, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

Lone Wolf OMB playing the guitar

Lone Wolf OMB