The Norton Museum of Art welcomes visitors to experience the transformative power of art through intimate and creative encounters with wide-ranging collections and programs of the highest quality.


The Norton will be a beloved member of its community and, through this, achieve recognition as one of the nation’s foremost art and cultural destinations.

Values and Beliefs

We believe the Norton can create a stronger community and a better world.

Creativity and Exploration
The Norton stimulates creativity, encourages lifelong learning, and broadens perspectives to transform lives through the arts.

Community and Inclusion
The Norton seeks to understand all its communities and provides meaningful, accessible experiences where art and culture inspire dialogue and deeper connections.

Collaboration and Accountability
The Norton fosters a collaborative professional environment. We value integrity, diversity, innovation, and empathy in how we work and what we create together.


We will pursue our mission and vision, and ensure the Norton’s relevance to our community, with a commitment to the following:

Art: We share and celebrate excellence in the arts in all forms.

Audience: We nurture dialogues and relationships with a diverse and inclusive audience.

Ambassadors: Our employees, Trustees, volunteers, and partners are the essential connection between Art and Audience.


Foundations: We have a duty to preserve the Norton’s fiscal and physical legacy.