Women's Walk

The Women’s Walk was established on Cranesnest Way on the south side of the Museum campus in February 2019 as a permanent, visible, and living tribute recognizing and honoring great women artists throughout history. Created from large cast-stone pavers, the Walk was inaugurated with the names of 50 women artists – including Alice Neel, Georgia O'Keeffe, Kay Sage, Louise Bourgeois, Mary Edmonia Lewis -- dating back to 1300, and has the capacity to accommodate as many as 200 names. New names will be added every year. Stroll the north side of Cranesnest Way to browse the names of artists engraved in stone.

During your walk, you may access a mobile tour to learn more about the lives and art of the women enshrined on the Women's Walk by using your smartphone and texting “norton” to 56512.

Funding for The Women’s Walk was provided by the MLDauray Arts Initiative.