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Press Inquires
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Director's Office

Ghislain d’Humières

Kenneth C. Griffin Director and CEO

Jonathan Wemette

Chief of Staff and Governance
(561) 832-5196 x1120

Wendy Cooper

Assistant to the Director's Office
(561) 832-5196 x1107


Rachel Gustafson

Senior Director of Curatorial Operations & Research
(561) 832-5196 x1205

​Ellen E. Roberts​

Harold and Anne Berkley Smith Senior Curator of American Art​
(561) 832-5196​​ x1144

Laurie Barnes

​Elizabeth B. McGraw Senior Curator of Chinese Art
(561) 832-5196​​ x1125

Tiera Ndlovu

Curatorial Assistant
(561) 832-5196 x1170

Pam Parry

Senior Registrar & Collections Manager
(561) 832-5196 x1129

John Welter

Director of Exhibition Design & Installation
(561) 832-5196 x1209

Torie Pesta

Assistant Registrar
(561) 823-5196 xx 1142

Learning and Community Engagement

Glenn Tomlinson

William Randolph Hearst Chief Officer of Learning and Community Engagement
(561) 832-5196 x1131

Meredith Gregory

Director of School and Teacher Programs
(561)832-5196 x1198

Veronica Hatch

School and Teacher Programs Coordinator
(561) 832-5196 x1154

Evan Nader

Volunteer Coordinator and Office Administrator
(561) 832-5196 x1132

Ingrid Sanchez

Outreach and Family Programs Coordinator
(561) 832-5196 x1145

Veronica Hatch

School and Teacher Programs Coordinator

Jacqueline Lim-Acosta

Tour Coordinator


Abby Ashley

Chief Development Officer
561-832-5196 x1114

Kristina Dilley

Director of Special Events
(561) 832-5196 x1121

Audrey Votaw

Development Assistant for Membership
(561) 832-5196 x1143

Morgan Stockmayer

Director of Membership
(561) 832-5196 x1117

Adison Gonzalez

Development Assistant
561-832-5196 x1116

Audrey Votaw

Development Officer for Membership
561-832-5196 x1143

Kara Stuebe

Development Officer for Stewardship
561-832-5196 x1135

Zakiya Markland

Event Coordinator
561-832-5196 x1212

Leslie Francisco

Director of Institutional Giving
(561) 832-5196 xx1038

Daniela Andrade

Membership Assistant
5618325196 xx1119

Clara Fecht

Director of Individual Giving
(561) 832-5196 xx 1215


Lee Ortega

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
(561) 832-5196 x1164

Hilary Greene

Director of Marketing and Communications
(561) 832-5196 x1136

Kaitlyn Riopelle

Digital Communications Officer
(561) 832-5196 x1183

Ryan Kelly



John Safranek

Chief Financial Officer
(561) 832-5196 x1108

Human Resources

Nina Nicolosi

HR Consultant
(561) 832-5196 x1112

D'Andrea Smith

HR Manager
(561) 832-5196 xx 1137

Facility Rentals

Alexandra Kikendall

Director of Facility Services
(561) 832-5196 x1191

Samantha del Valle

Event Coordinator
561-832-5196 x1146

Visitor Experience

Diego Gutierrez

Director of Museum Services
(561) 832-5196 x1150

Kim Coleman

Senior Visitor Experience Manager
(561) 832-5196 x1194

Lauren Necaise

Visitor Experience Tour Coordinator
(561) 832-5196 xx 1123

Sarah Nastri

Visitor Experience Associate Manager
(561) 823-5196 xx 1155

The Store

Kristen Cahill

Director of Retail Operations
(561) 832-5196 x1011