FREE on the Lawn

Tai Chi

Thursday, June 1 / 8AM-10AM

On Thursday mornings, Juying Janowsky, offers Tai Chi classes for all guests, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Enjoy an opportunity to try this traditional Chinese exercise to promote peace of mind and wellness through gentle, continuous movement.

This FREE program is hosted on the North Lawn at Jefferson and South Olive.

About Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are ancient Chinese exercises with a more than five-thousand-year history that have been passed on and made relevant to today’s world. Their aim is to improve the physical and mental well-being of the practitioners through a series of slow physical exercises, breathing, and concentration.

Chi is the primal life-force that we inherit from parents at our conception. This force can be depleted by stress, illness, lack of exercise and poor nutrition. The supply of Chi can be implemented by regular exercise and the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises, a healthy diet, and good nutrition.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung have proven medical benefits by enabling the Chi to flow freely through our bodies. These exercises, when practiced regularly, will lead to better health, better balance, lowered blood-pressure and the ability to cope with stress from day-to-day living.

What you will need

Wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable clothes. Even though classes will take place in the morning, it will be hot, so dress appropriately. Shoes should be sneakers or other comfortable shoes that offer some support, but that are not too hard. Bring water with you.

You can bring a video camera or use a cell phone to record the exercises while you are in class to help you remember them at home. Practicing at home is as important as attending classes. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of making mistakes. No one is born knowing how to do these exercises and we can only get better at doing them by making errors and learning from them. Feel free to ask your teacher if you experience any difficulties with the exercises. After the class she will be happy to clarify anything, you need to achieve the maximum benefit from your practice.

About the teacher
The class will be taught by Yang Juying Janowsky. She was born in China and is now a US Citizen. In China she studied with several of the best teachers in her hometown, Liuzhou City, in the Guangxi Autonomous Minority Region in south China. She is licensed as a Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher by the Liuzhou City Chamber of Commerce attesting to her ability.

In this class we will concentrate of the Yang Style of Tai Chi - the style most popular in China and the USA - and with moving Chi Kung exercises.

Summer at the Norton was made possible by the generosity of the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation, with additional support provided by Irene and Jim Karp.