Chris and Bernard Marden Community Gallery
Collage and Assemblage:
Exploring the Creative Process

Collage and assemblage are fundamental forms of contemporary expression. Picasso and his fellow Cubists may be the most famous innovators to use these forms, but collage and assemblage can be seen in the brilliant quilts from Gee’s Bend, Alabama, and heard in the digital sampling of contemporary music. Artists have often employed these forms of expression during times of political turmoil and social unrest. In today’s unprecedented times, the artists in this exhibition innovate and experiment with materials to reveal the ways collage and assemblage can transform imagery and its meanings. Many of them use painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, and multimedia art as means of investigating themes such as identity, cultural heritage, gender, race, social justice, and the pandemic. Though times at school have been challenging, the creativity of these young artists has soared.

Over fifty student artists from Palm Beach County public middle and high schools, as well as private, parochial and charter schools were selected for this exhibition. To develop and support their ideas, students wrote artists’ statements which provide insights into their processes, themes, and references.

The Norton is thankful to all principals and teachers for supporting the arts in schools and for the students’ hard work and flexibility during this extraordinary time.

Collage and Assemblage: Exploring the Creative Process, Student Videos

an artwork composed by pasting various materials not normally associated with one another onto a single surface.

a sculpture made of often unrelated and fragmentary or discarded objects organized into a unified composition.

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