Dynamic, Squalid, Splendid: Themes of the City

Dynamic, Squalid, Splendid: Themes of the City, is drawn exclusively from the Museum's collection of prints and drawings. The exhibition contains approximately forty works and aims to fulfill two purposes: first, to further acquaint our visitors with the collection of works on paper, including those of lesser-known artists; second, to provide food for thought at a time when the dynamic life of cities unexpectedly ground to a halt, and when their future seems often unclear. Themes to be discussed include the beauty and splendor of buildings; civic pride; leisure and pastimes; urban spaces; wealth and poverty; social class; spectacular sights; human interaction; monuments; demolition and construction.

Ancient Circus of Mars with neighboring monuments viewed from the Via Appiam (Cum Monum. Adiacentia Prospectus ad Viam Appia), 1756