R. H. Norton Society

The R. H. Norton Society was established to recognize donors who have named the Norton Museum of Art as a beneficiary in their estate plans. There are no minimum gift amounts, dues, or fees associated with Membership in the R. H. Norton Society. You may also become a member should you promise a gift of art that the Museum has agreed to accept. The Norton formally recognizes members of the R. H. Norton Society with a high level of distinction. Members are invited to attend an annual special event in honor of the Society. We also publicly list the names of all members on our Donor Recognition Wall, though should you prefer to remain anonymous, we are happy to abide by your wishes.

If you have included the Museum in your estate plans, please let us know, so we can work with you and your advisors to make certain your intentions are carried out.

We thank the members of the R. H. Norton Society for choosing to include the Norton in their estate plans, and making the Museum a part of their legacy:

Mr.* and Mrs. Carl Apfel
Mr. William K. Caler, Jr.
Mrs. Jane Carroll
Drs. Joan and Bernard Chodorkoff
Mr. Richard P. Coonan
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Feldberg
Mrs. Miles Q. Fiterman
Mr.* and Mrs.* Henry G. Gardiner
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert B. Gronlund
Mr.* and Mrs. Jack Hight
Phyllis Hopman
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hubbard 
The Honorable and Mrs. Harry A. Johnston II
Mrs. Marion Kleinkramer
Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman
Baroness Erminia Landau
Ms. Susan Mark
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Maurer
Colonel and Mrs. James F. Miller
Mr.* and Mrs. Melvin B. Nessel
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Niblack
Mr. and Mrs. Kai Petersen
Mr.* and Mrs. Milton Prigoff
Mrs. Elizabeth Richebourg Rea
Mr.* and Mrs. John M. Richman
Muriel and Ralph Saltzman
Mrs. Donna Schneier and Mr.* Leonard Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold I. Simon
Anne Berkley Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kemp C. Stickney
Mr. Harry Striebel
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Swanson
Mrs. T. Suffern Tailer
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wallace
Mr.* and Mrs. Eric Weinberger
Mr. Robert A. Wiener
Mrs. Jan Willinger
Gloria Winston
Mr. and Mrs.* Frederic D. Wolfe
Anonymous (5)


As of December 28, 2018

To learn more about the R. H. Norton Society, please contact: