This month, Member Spotlight features Mary Gusheé, Norton Circle Member. 

How did you first get involved at the Norton? What  prompted you to become a Member? 

I first  became a member with the Norton in 1996 but recently joined the Norton Circle in early 2019 

Why is Membership at the Norton important to you? 

The Norton has always been an authentic community treasure, but since this most recent expansion and the re-opening, I am prouder than ever to be a member and to see the outreach taking hold. There is always something interesting happening I love treating a friend to dinner at the cafe and taking a browse around the Sculpture Garden afterwards…or listening to the live music, or both.   

What are the most enjoyable aspects of being a Member of the Norton? 

Before COVID-19, I loved taking my houseguests for an afternoon at the Norton where we enjoyed listening to the talks and especially any art session with the curators, Glenn Tomlinson, Laurie Barnes or Ellen Roberts. I always found myself something from their lectures.   

What is your favorite artwork, collection, or space at the Museum?  

One space in the museum I found very special is the Chinese gallery  on the first floor. I love to hear Laurie Barnes, curator of the Chinese Collection, tell the amazing stories about the Lantern Festival. 
There is so much to see and to learn about especially if you are a late bloomer like me. Last fall, after I had been to an exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art in London, I came home to discover that we had our very own Sir Antony Gormley in the sculpture garden. I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea who he was until then.

What do you miss most about the Norton? 

I miss so many things about the Norton since it’s closing, like  the trips abroad, and the visits to our museum. We all miss it, and I am hoping there will be more for us to see and hear on virtual tours and presentations. I would love to see the art on the walls of the museum, even if I can't get in there yet myself.  

Meanwhile, I have been busy running my shop Mildred Hoit in Palm Beach and the online shop has had such a wonderful group of loyal customers and a band of young ladies who run it all with great energy. Very proud of them as well.




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