Workshops & Courses

Approach art-making and creativity from different perspectives. 

Artists, designers, and performers lead workshops for adults that approach art-making and creativity from different perspectives. 

All supplies are included.

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Drawing on the Past

FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 3 / 6 - 7: 3 0 PM

Use iPad and Apple Pencil to find artworks that inspire your creativity. Explore the galleries and adapt existing artworks into entirely new representations, while also learning how to create digital artworks.

To Know:    
This workshop is free  
The workshop takes place during Art After Dark. A weekly event that features different programming every Friday evening from 5pm – 10pm, free.   
Pre-registration is not required  
Free Tickets to this program are available at the Visitor Experience desk 30 min prior to the workshop.
Space is limited.  


This program was made possible by the generosity of The William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

Open 7 days a week through
April 29, 2020!